Eazy bbq

Eazybbq was introduced in 2017 in the Netherlands and is already a success for many shops. EazyBBQ is a disposable and reusable Barbecue with charcoal in an ecological box (A-quality charcoal from oak wood).

‘’ Just Light the Box” As simple as lighting the box, our patented ignition system without chemicals makes it possible to prepare your barbecue in 20 minutes without any effort in a clean and ecological way.

Because the Eazybbq is perfectly balanced you will never burn too much charcoal and you can grill for up to 2 hours.

you can grill up to 2 hours. Each Eazybbq is packed in a cellophane which makes it a completely clean product to take with you. New for 2020 is the Eazy BBQ reusable BBQ! Arpe Garden Innovations is the distributor of EazyBBQ for the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Retailers will receive promotional displays, leaflets and more when ordering.