Our popular Kamados are made of high-quality ceramic material, which provides insulation and keeps the heat inside the barbecue. Therefore, you have the possibility to grill, smoke, boil, bake and steam. In addition, slow cooking is one of the possibilities. The exclusive 21″ Kamado is the top of our range, high-quality material, so that you are assured of a long life. The 13″ Kamado can be placed on the garden table with its base. The lid creates an oven effect and you can read the temperature from the built-in thermometer.

Kamado 13''Mat/glans Ø 33 cm. 24 kg
Kamado 15''Glans Ø 36 cm, 80 kg
Kamado 21'' Rvs onderstel, hoogglans, Ø 53 cm. 80 kg,