Pellet - flameheaters

With our patio heater you not only have a CO2-neutral atmospheric heater on your veranda or patio, but also a patio heater that is very cost-effective.

Simple: fill, light & burn.
  • Works on pellets.
  • No electrical connection needed.
  • Under smoke: complete combustion.
  • Ready for use in just a few minutes.
  • Practical in maintenance and cleaning.
Pellet fire Vesuvius With 4.5 kg pellets, the Vesuvius burns more than 3 hours!

Dimensions W x H X D :

43 x 170 x 33 cm.

Weight : 25 kg

Pellet fireplace Etna With 10 kg of pellets, the Vesuvius burns over 4.5 hours!

Dimensions W x H X D :

54 x 221 x 60 cm.

Weight : 52 kg